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I’m going to try to post pink things every Wednesdays in support of the candidacy movement for #LeniKiko 2022.

I’ve been feeling really upset because of reemerging disappointment from friends who support evil people. Maybe I’ll write about this someday but for now, let’s wear pink.

It’s painting by numbers, except I got beyond lines and sometimes I use different colors.

You’re not the boss of me. LOL

Hokkaido, 2020 (Mine)

You see, my heart is dead.

It has been for a while, and I’ve kind of accepted the way it runs alternatively on coffee, Korean snacks, Twitter and other different batteries.

But mainly it’s dead. Or frozen.

I’m watching this show, where a character asks another how could someone still…

Pixabay / Peggychoucair

This month I am crawling through our Bookclub assignment on “Bamboo Girls”. However, despite the exponential rise in homework, because of the short stories, it was much easier to digest that our previous books.

Tonight, I take a short break from my research writing — the infinite to-do lists, and…

MI227 Assignment (Unit 2)

Objective: The needs of the government from EHRs differ from the needs of average physicians for these systems. Compare the needs of the Philippine government vs. the needs of average physicians related to EHR use.

pixabay / vjohns

A government associated electronic record will have different needs vs an…

Image by geralt at Pixabay

Attending conferences in the era of pandemia involves the multiverse of timezones. My phone has two clock widgets: one for Manila, one for New York, and another Time App has two more: one for Warsaw, and one for Tokyo. …

I remember going out of the station,
Turning left first to the bakery,
Where the smell of bread embraces you with the warmest of welcomes..
Like a grand trumpet, the door turns with the ding of the brass bell.
I lost my gloves the other day in confusion,
And I leave hands full & pockets empty.
When I carefully walk the freezing slippery path to the similar looking rented homes,
Like a long forgotten movie, memories of my #LastTravel.

Pixabay / Oldiefan

It’s might be month too late from #EULAR2021 to reflect on conference-tweeting. But it’s a rainy Tuesday where there is no outpatient clinic, and some writing/blogging is likewise long overdue.

Tweeting conferences isn’t new to me. But I was a mess when I first started. Heck, I used RT everything…

They bring in more beds
To bring in more people
They bring in more beds
But its not that simple
What are beds
If we dont have meds
Or IVs and machines
Or tanks
Or suits
Or masks
Without the right tools these beds
Are fruit

Still waiting

for more vac’s
Dare we ask
Without anyone to man the tasks
No doctors
No nurses
No techs
No aides
No staffs
What are beds
When we’re called reds
Just for wanting to feed & be fed

And be warm in our own beds
When the struggle

Is stained
Are slept by

And drained

By those with
No shame
And no heart
To their name
They choke us with sand

Where they stand

For nothing

Its quicksand

And they lie and cheat on
these beds
that they bring in

That will hold tears instead


Sometimes, I wish I gave you eulogies

I wish I sang you songs.

But love left the moment you did.

Letters disappeared in attic corners,

dolls get sent to second chances of which

I won’t have. But will always think about.

We made a joke this morning as if you never left.

But the void has stayed —



Just like the songs I never sang you.


Rheum. Grad Student. These entries are personal and do not reflect my former nor currently affiliated institutions' opinion.

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